Gefühlt (Sensed) 

2011. doc.


"It’s so wonderful to swim in the sea and feel the waves changing the bottom!"

It’s so nice to skate, touch the cold ice, feel your loved ones with more than the eye!
The world unseen but sensed. A short film journey in the world of touch, through which we are guided by blind Karina and her seeing- eye dog Portes.

script Vera Trajanova
director Chris Miera
producer Paul Bauer
cinematography Sebastian Klatt
editor Mirko Scheel
sound  Philipp Schwabe
music Ruben Fischer, Philipp Schwabe
line producer Anya Grünewald


Best  Documentray @Watersprite - The Cambridge International Film Festival, March 1-3, 2013, England

Nomination Best Shorts of the Year
Shortcutz Berlin, January 2013

 Rising Hope 

script Milen Vitanov, Vera Trajanova
director Milen Vitanov
editor Jens Prausnitz

r&d, fx Dennis Rettkowski
sound  Michał Krajzcok
music Stefan Maria Schneider, Marian Mentrup

dop Olaf Aue
animation: Milen Vitanov, Michael Herm, Lars Krüger, Martin Freitag, Nikolai Neumetzler

2012. animation.


Rising Hope, who used to be the fastest horse in the world, suddenly turns into a loser. With the help of a new friend ( a jack-of-all-trades hound)  he finds hope and himself again.


Murnau Short Film Prize - Wiesbaden 2013, Germany

Best Animated Film -  Young Jury Award - Rhode Island International Film Festival 2012, USA

Award of the Junior Jury for Best Short Film - Capalbio Cinema International Film Festival 2012, Italy

Best Film at the Animacam - International Animation Festival Ourense, Spain
Audience Award for Best Children's Film - Plein la Bobine Film Festival for Young People 2013, France

The Klassefilm Junior Audience Award - Holland Animation Film Festival 2013, Utrecht, Holland

Special Pulcinella Award "Cartoons & Sport" - at the Cartoons on the Bay, Rapallo, Italy

 Geteilt (Divided) 

2013. fiction.


In Jonas' dreams there has been trickling sand, desert winds and music - but only until Lena appears. The borders start to blur. Thrilled and dreamy, Jonas and Lena start to explore each others world and Jonas has to make a decision.

script Vera Trajanova, Chris Miera
director Chris Miera
editor Mirko Scheel

dop Evgeny Revvo
sound  Philipp Schwabe

art directing: Tomoko Okada

producer Cathrin Goebel

 Trailer Filmfest Cottbus 2014 

concept Chris Miera, Vera Trajanova
director Chris Miera

sound  Philipp Schwabe

music Leonard Petersen
art directing: Tomoko Okada

producer Anna Hintzen

 Natural Novel in 8 Chapters 

script Milen Vitanov, Vera Trajanova
director Milen Vitanov
editor Jens Prausnitz

animation: Dalibor Rajninger, Evelina Rajninger, Milen Vitanov

producer Vessela Dantscheva, Compote Collective

sound Vensan Mazmanyan

based on a poem by Georgi Gospodinov

2015. animation


Melting like ice cream, disappearing like dinosaur, this short is your way into the zen zone. Based on a poem by the bulgarian author Georgi Gospodinov.


Sofia Film Festival, Sofia Bulgaria 2015

Dresden Filmfestival, Dresden, Germany 2015

Golden Kuker Filmestival, Sofia, Bulgaria 2015

Krok Filmfestival, Ukraine/Russia 2015


Bango Vassil

script Vera Trajanova, Milen Vitanov
director Milen Vitanov, Vera Trajanova

dop Olaf Aue
editor Jens Prausnitz

sound Vensan Mazmanyan


2016. animation. 


wo children share an altogether different kind of New Year's Eve, taking an icy journey where they must cross waters and cultures to make a fresh start.


New York Intl Children's Film festival, New York, USA 2018

Dresden Filmfestival, Dresden, Germany 2017

In The Palace Baltchik, Bulgaria 2018  - Winner Best National Short, Oscar-Qualifying Festival

Cork Film Festival, Ireland 2017
Bienniale Of Animation, Bratislava, Slovakia
Animacam Animation Short Film Festival Santiago de Compostela
Athens Animfest, athens, Greece
Kids Animation Section at Cinema Perpetuum Mobile Minsk, Belarus
Youngabout International Film Festival Bologna, Italy
ONE Country ONE Film Issoire, France
Landshutter Filmfestival, Landshut, Germany
Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche, Regensburg, Germany
Int.Film Festival for Children and Youth KINOLUB, Poland
River Film Festival Padova, Italy
Anibar International Animation Festival, Kosovo
ALPINALE Short Film Festival, Austria
Manlleu Film Festival, Spain 
Int.Film Festival SCHLINGEL in Chemnitz, Germany
BEAST - International Film Festival, Porto, Portugal
Uppsala International Short Film, Sweden
Chicago International Children's Film Festival, USA
Olympia Int. Film Festival, Greece
Tracce Cinematografiche Film Fest, Italy
Tlanchana Fest Metepec, Mexico
BOGOSHORTS Bogota Short Film Festival, Colombia
Un poing c'est court, Vaulx en Velin, France
Festival International du Film d’Aubagne, France
Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Germany
"Longue Vue sur le court" Intl.Film Festival, Montreal, Canada
Film Festival della Lessinia, Italy
New York Int'l Children's Film Festival, USA
IN THE PALACE Short film festival - Baltchik, Bulgaria
Cinekid - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Timishorts, Timisoara, Romania
Children’s Film Festival Seattle, USA REDCAT Int'l Children’s Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA 


 Cafè D'Amour 

Cafè D'Amour, Benedikt Toniolo



Pixilated slapstick comedy, based on a dream of the director Benedikt Toniolo. It is the story of Lewis the Tramp and Coco the Lady, who fell in love by chance and choice - the choice of the most self-willed and tricky Café d'Amour.


©Thomas Schneider


script Benedikt Toniolo, Vera Trajanova
director Benedikt Toniolo

dop Thomas Schneider, Anja Läufer
editor Friedericke Hohmuth

animation: Fritz Penzlin, Grigori Zurkan, Laura Oechel, Ninett Dahnke, Nicolás Hammerschlag, Benedikt Toniolo

set designer Sandra Gradmann

sound Christoph Kozik